Behavioral Health Psychological & LMSW Services, PLLC

Behavioral Health Psychological is a boutique practice that provides comprehensive counseling services in private office locations as well as in Assisted Living Communities in New York.

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Our staff of Seasoned Doctoral level clinicians are dedicated to working with individuals and family members who have struggled with depression, anxiety, compulsive behavior, dementia and various thought disorders as well as emotional disabilities .

Following a central intake process, our team of clinicians develop treatment protocols to accommodate the needs of each individual within the context of each specific setting. We are available to facilitate a smooth transition for individuals who are experiencing difficulty as they adjust to their new Assisted Living Home.

As professionals we understand that we have a responsibility not just to our clients within each facility but to provide both education and support to the Assisted Living Staff. We have an open door policy when questions arise regarding a specific approach to address the range of symptoms presented by our ever changing adult home population. We are available to provide in- service training upon request as well as to offer educational material on a range of common mental health conditions. Behavioral Health Psychological is a proud supporter of the initiatives set forth by Empire State Association of Adult Home Owners. It is our belief that together we can make a difference! Our ever expanding list of communities spans from Eastern Long Island, includes Brooklyn and extends as far north as Dutchess County. We hire Patient Care Coordinators who act as liasons to facilitate psychological services between the staff and residents. Our home office, located in Bayshore manages insurance verification, coordination of billing services and serves as a resource for any needed technical support.

Together we can make a Difference!
Laura Asner Mercogliano,
Behavioral Health Psychological

Behavioral Health Psychological & LMSW Services, PLLC

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